Water damage Restoration West University

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Water damage Restoration West University

Water damage can bring critical problems to your office or home’s appearance and structure. It can cause paint to peel off, concrete to crack, mold damage, metal to rust, and wood to rot.

Any form of water or flood damage needs immediate action. Any delay only leads to more problems, including health problems, because of mold formation. It doesn’t matter what the cause may be, like some faulty plumbing or natural flooding.

You need someone capable of removing all the standing water and the proper water restoration services. This is where we at Fantastic Carpet Services can help by providing water damage restoration West University services.

Fantastic Carpet Services has decades of experience helping restore houses and offices from water disasters in Houston. We have helped clients make their place fabulous and in great shape once again.

Our team of experts can solve any water intrusion problems in your home or office. We can address the mess that results from floods, clogged drainage, burst pipes, roof leaks, and condensation, among others. 

We also help clean your place after eliminating the accumulated and absorbed water in your premises.

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How Water Can Damage Your Home

Water damage can wreak havoc in your home, especially if left unattended. Some of the common problems it can cause are:

  • Peeling off of paint
  • Brown rot formation on wood
  • Metal corrosion
  • Cracks on concrete
  • Mold accumulation
  • Damage to appliances and household electrical systems
  • Destruction of paper materials such as essential documents and photos
  • Microbial growth

These common problems can trigger even more issues.  

For example, the brown rot can end up ruining your furniture and other wood materials.

The damaged electrical appliances and systems may require replacement, which can get expensive. 

Moreover, your family’s health is at risk when molds, fungi, and other microbes infest your home. 

And to make things worse, most insurance policies apply only if you immediately report the problem. That means you may end up having to bear all the expenses if you don’t take immediate action.

While you may be able to clean up minor problems like plumbing leaks, things are different when it comes to something significant, like flood damage due to the wrath of nature. 

That’s when you should leave the cleaning and water damage restoration to professionals like Fantastic Carpet Services.

Our Water Damage Restoration Services

Fantastic Carpet Services offer professional water damage restoration for homes and offices in West University. Our seasoned water damage restoration experts can handle any mess that results from different levels of water intrusions, such as leaks and floods.

Our water damage restoration services comprise of:

  • Our prompt response wherein we first conduct a full assessment of your property and water damage. We want to know how much water damage there is and identify the type of water to protect your safety from possible biohazards. 
  • Understanding the issue on hand and identifying the source and actual problem areas. 
  • Accordingly, we will develop the proper water restoration solution and equipment to solve your flood damage problem. And to get your property back to its original, pre-damage condition. 
  • Next, we will accordingly give you a quote and estimate for our services. We will proceed with the task only after you are okay and agree with our quote.
  • We will then start the restoration process by drying the structure of the building and your essential items using the best equipment and procedures. This step is critical to prevent mold damage, especially in concealed spots like the insides of your carpets, upholstery, and wood furniture.
  • Once the drying process is complete, we begin cleaning the entire affected area. It is to ensure no bacteria or virus remains in your place.

Our experts also help in making the affected area look fabulous again. As a result, we put your homes or businesses back in excellent condition. Moreover, as we carry all necessary permits and insurance, we give you peace of mind while we work.

Call Us Today For A Water Damage Restoration Quote

Water disasters can be devastating. 

It leaves you with standing water that needs removal before it causes structural property damage, destroys valuable belongings, or puts your health at risk. Moreover, you may end up in a significant financial problem if your insurance policy doesn’t cover the costs.

That’s why you need the best mold damage repair and water damage services in West University to help you out.

We in Fantastic Carpet Services offer water damage restoration West University services to you.

Our technicians can solve any type of waterlog problem, from leaks to flooding. We want to help you avoid severe property damage and loss because of water intrusion. And we also want to bring your property back to its pre-damage condition with additional services like upholstery cleaning and grout cleaning. 


We do it with the professional but affordable water restoration emergency services we offer in Houston today.

You must act fast as mold grows quickly within the first 24-48 hours of flooding. So, don’t delay. 

Get in touch with us right away at 713-780-9279 for a free estimate for any water damage to your home or office.