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Wood Floor Refinishing Houston

Do your floors show signs of water damage, dents, fading, and sun discoloration? 

Are they full of scratches and impossible to remove stains? 

If yes, it may be time for a wood floor finishing in Houston.

Refinishing floors are the best way to get a new look and floor color without replacing your wooden floor. It is the easiest way to transform your home’s entire interior.

Wood floor refinishing works by first removing the wood stain, dent, or damage and then using various products to replace the floor’s existing finish. There are multiple products to choose from based on your preferred feel, sheen, and color. The result is a beautifully updated floor looking as great as its installation day.

We at Fantastic Carpet Services combine professional-quality services and commercial-grade products from the leading industry manufacturers to provide pocket-friendly hardwood floor refinishing.

We have 41 years of experience expertly repairing our customers’ wood floors to ultimate perfection. No job is too big or small for us, from minor hardwood floor repairs to extensive refinishing and installation projects. 

Your feet and you will love us for our work! Call your fully insured, bonded, and licensed Fantastic Carpet Services floor refinishing services today at 713-780-9279 for more information.

Does Your Wood Floor Need Help?

Refinishing no doubt rejuvenates old and worn hardwood floor surfaces to make them look new again. However, you may wonder if it’s the right solution or if you can opt for something cheaper like recoating. 

It’s better to assess your floor damage carefully. You should consider opting for a complete refinishing if you notice any of these six signs:

  1. Significant scratches and dents penetrating the poly coating to reach the wood
  2. Cupping where the floorboards bend downwards in a concave shape. It looks unattractive and implies water damage.
  3. Splinters indicate worn-away sealant and damaged wood underneath. 
  4. Gray floorboards are another sign of water damage.
  5. Water stains indicate water damage due to unaddressed plumbing leaks, air conditioner drips, and possible pet accidents.
  6. Fading and discoloration due to the sun’s UV rays

Generally, minor scratches and dings and a dull finish can be rectified by a simple buffing and adding a new coat of varnish. Extensive damage is more common in busy households with kids or pets around and may thus require refinishing more times.

Some like regular maintenance as they like having their floors in tip-top condition all the time. Then again, others may prefer refinishing their floors every 20-30 years.

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About Our Refinishing Services

We at Fantastic Carpet Services take care of all your wood floor refinishing needs. Our team of fully qualified flooring contractors will reach your home or office as soon as possible.

  • We start the flooring project process by first ascertaining the total square foot requiring refinishing. 
  • Our experts will take measurements and inspect the wood flooring condition to decide if the floor can withstand a complete refinishing.
  • If yes, we provide a quote based on the wood species and the number of times the floor needs sanding. 
  • We then send you a free, no-obligation quote for wood refinishing.
  • Once you accept our quote, the team starts sanding down the bare hardwood floors. We, in the process, remove all surface scratches, the existing coating layers, and stains to the raw wood using sanding machines.
  • We start with a rough sanding paper that removes all imperfections, followed by one or two finer grits to smoothen the surface.
  • Our team then buffs the floor to remove sanding marks and may use wood filler as required to cover the spaces in between boards. Examples of areas are cracks, voids in flooring, and nail holes.
  • Once the floor is ready, our team will show you wood stain color samples to use on your flooring. You select the correct color to give your flooring a complete replica look.
  • Our professionals will evenly apply one coat of a penetrating wood floor stain and wipe off any excess stain.  
  • When the stain is completely dry, we cover it with the desired finish. Water-based polyurethane floor finish is low in odor and a better choice for homes with children and expecting mothers. 

Call Us Today For A Wood Floor Refinishing Quote

There’s no doubt that stained, cracked, dented, and cupped hardwood flooring is bad for the eyes. However, it doesn’t mean that you should replace it. Many a time, all it takes is a good and thorough wood floor refinishing Houston by the professionals.

You will have your oak hardwood floors as good as new, at a much lower cost.

You don’t even have to look far for professional help, and we at Fantastic Carpet Services are here to help you out. It doesn’t matter how small or big the stain, dent, or cracks may be; we will refinish your beautiful floors to make them look as good as new ones.

Your hardwood floor is in safe hands with us, and we have the necessary experience and knowledge to refinish your hardwood flooring safely. We will inform you about any possible complications to make an informed wood floor refinishing decision. 

Contact us today at 713-780-9279 for stress-free wood floor refinishing in River Oaks.  Our team of experts will assess the wood floor damage, discuss your wood floor repair options and provide an estimate. We start only upon your approval of the project cost.