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Wood flooring is a great investment for any home or business in and around Memorial, Texas. It can add value and style to any room, but much like other forms of flooring, it requires regular maintenance to keep it looking its best. If you don’t have the time, skills, or equipment necessary to maintain your floors, then the professional wood floor refinishing services offered by Fantastic Carpet Services are the perfect solution.

When a wood floor starts showing signs of wear, it’s time to call in the professionals. Our expert wood floor refinishing services can restore the beauty of the wood, removing scratches and stains, and bringing back the original luster.

If you want to get the most out of your hardwood floors, you need to invest in quality refinishing services. The skilled and highly-qualified technicians at Fantastic Carpet Services have your back whenever your Memorial, Texas home or business is in need of immaculate flooring services. We are dedicated to being an asset to the value of your property. Our range of positive reviews and countless referrals backs our reliability and quality of work.

What Is Wood Floor Refinishing?

The process of refinishing your home or business’s wood flooring begins by removing the layer of finish that was applied last. While this layer of finish is removed our experts can sand and repair any dents, scratches, and other damages while the bare wood is exposed. Our talented flooring service professionals will then thoroughly apply a new layer of finish that restores the polished and sophisticated look your wood floor once again.

Our wood floor refinishing services are supported by many positive reviews and referrals. These services will not only elevate your quality of living and impress guests and customers but will help maintain or increase your property’s value. Our highly trained flooring masters are well equipped with the proper knowledge, skills, and tools to give your flooring a well deserved refinish.

For many years our team has served the Memorial, Texas commercial and residential communities offering valuable floor refinishing deals to bring more life to properties across the state. We strive to be the obvious option when it comes to flooring services whether it be carpet cleaning and repairs, upholstery & area cleaning, flooring installations, bathroom & kitchen remodels or wood floor refinishing. We take pride in putting our skills to use to improve the Memorial, Texas area.


How Our Process Works

Our multi-step wood floor refinishing process works similarly as follows:

  • Removing the Base Molding Around Service Area

− Removing the base molding is incredibly important in order to avoid damages to other areas of the room that aren’t being serviced so that all edges and corners are visible and accessible.

  • Repairing Loose Boards

− Checking for loose or damaged floorboards is important in this step so proper repairs can be made using wood putty or other means of restoration.

  • Sanding the Floor

−This process is essential to restoring the look of your wood flooring as it helps get rid of scratches, stains, and dents.

  • Cleaning Between Sands

− Our experts make sure to clear the floor of dust and dirt between each sand pass to make sure each pass is thorough and done correctly.

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  • Buffering the Floor

− In this step, high-grit sanding is performed as a final pass to prepare the wood flooring for expert-level staining and finishing.

  • Removing Dust

−Removing dust from the wood flooring after sanding is incredibly important for the next couple of steps so our experts make sure the floor is spotless.

  • Stain Application

−The quality application of stain brings out a beautiful color in your wood. Our range of stain options will help you achieve the look you desire.

  • Finish Application

−After the stain is applied and is given time to dry, our professionals will proceed to administer a high-grade finish that will protect your wood flooring for years to come.

Our flooring service professionals are committed to bringing out the best in your Memorial, Texas home or business wood flooring and are eager to encounter new challenges and put their skills to the test. 

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