Wood Floor Repairs, Sugar Land


Wood flooring no doubt improves your home’s aesthetics, value, and durability. But like anything, though durable, wood flooring isn’t invincible. There is always the chance of pets, water, kids, and even your furniture damaging it.

 The good news is that you needn’t replace damaged floorboards. All you have to do is call your wood floor repairs Sugar Land, Katy specialists to take care of the job. 

 It doesn’t matter if you have warped, dented, scratched, dingy, loose, or uneven flooring. It has to be repaired by the right wood floor repairs in Sugar Land. Our team of experienced wood floor repair professionals at Fantastic Carpet Services can make your flooring look beautiful and good as new in no time at all. 

 We guarantee that you will be happy and satisfied with our work and craftsmanship in bringing back its natural beauty. We have 41 years of experience in expertly repairing your wood floors to ultimate perfection. 

 We take pride in offering top-quality workmanship at reasonable costs. From minor repairs to extensive refinishing and installation projects, your floors and you will love us for our work! 

 Don’t waste any more time. Call Fantastic Carpet Services floor repair services today at 713-780-9279.

Common Wood Floor Issues

No matter how well you may look after your wood floors, wear and tear takes its toll.  Pretty soon you end up with some wood floor issues that need repairing. 

Some common wood floor damages the people of Fort Bend County experience include:

  • Cupping where the wood gains moisture, leading to concave-looking planks from above.  Cupping is due to the increased moisture in wood from the sub-floor. As the underside doesn’t quickly dry out, it expands disproportionately. 
  • Crowning where the floorboards absorb moisture from the subfloor and start swelling. The boards push against each other, and the board centers start bulging or crowning. 
  • Gapping where moisture loss due to environmental changes shrinks wood to create gaps between the floorboards.  
  • Buckling where the planks lift off the floor due to flooring undersurface moisture, flooding, or leaky ceilings. 
  • Fractures where cracks occur on wood floors while nailing planks to the floor or with wear and tear. Fractures are more prevalent in factory-finished floors than in unfinished planks and panels and inboards that quickly dry in lumber mill kilns. 
  • Exposure to strong sunlight leads to a darker hue due to hardwood oxidation. 
  • A faulty installation or insufficient subfloors can lead to loose or noisy boards. 
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Our Wood Flooring Repair Services

Fantastic Carpet Services specializes in all types of wood flooring repairs. It doesn’t matter if spilled water leads to cupped flooring or hard wear and tear leads to buckled hardwood floors. 

Our team of fully qualified, insured, and bonded professionals will take care of the repairs. Our contractors are experts in restoring your flooring quality and integrity to help return them to their original or better state. We have years of experience repairing and restoring various flooring types in Houston establishments. 

We offer hardwood floor restoration, sanding, and straining services near your area. We also provide wood stairs refinishing, floor leveling, costume staining, recoating, and water-damaged hardwood floor repairs. 

Our team has more than 41 years of experience in the industry, which gives us a leading edge in repairing your hardwood flooring without loss to its authentic look. And all hardwood floor repair services we conduct are followed by a complete cleaning of the area. 

We improve the look of your hardwood floors and stairs through wood floor screening and recoating at reasonable costs. Our experts are skilled and experienced with dustless floor sanding by sanding your floors without any dust to fit your budget.

Our experts do it by applying a new finish over your existing floor finish and sprucing up your carpet to hardwood floors in just one to two business days

Our wood repair process starts with our experts inspecting the area and giving you a free, no-obligation quote for repairs.

It’s only after you accept your quote that our team starts to repair and replace required pieces. We will inform you about any risks and potential wood floor problems to make an educated decision. 

Most importantly, you will be able to access the work area at the end of each workday. So there’s no need to spend on expensive hotel stays while we repair your wood floors. 

Call Us Today For a Wood Floor Repair Quote

Dull and scratched hardwood is sore to the eyes. Gaps, buckling, and cupping of hard floors can lead to trips and falls and possible injuries. And any hardwood damage reduces the looks and aesthetics of your home. 

The solution likes in repairing the damages as soon as possible, which is where we can help. We at Fantastic Carpet Services are ready to serve you, no matter how small or big the floor damage is. 

You can call us for all your wood floor repairs in Sugar Land. Our full-service experience includes highly competitive rates, using the best flooring products with optimal service, within your budget. 

You can rest assured your floors are in safe hands with us. Contact us today at 713-780-9279 for stress-free wood floor repairs in Sugar Land.  Our team of experts starts the flooring project by assessing the floor damage, discussing your repair options, providing a quote, and starting with your approval.