Fantastic Carpet Services Announces Major Steps to Go Green

Fantastic Carpet Services

Houston, Texas

Headline:Fantastic Carpet Services Announces Major Steps to Go Green

Houston, Texas, — Fantastic Carpet Services announces major steps to Go Green. Taking steps to enact a “green clean” initiative, they have phased out solvent-based cleaners. Now the Houston-based business uses bio-friendly water-based enzyme cleaning solutions. Fantastic Carpet Services is committed to using more environmentally-friendly materials because they care about our fragile planet.

Every wall-to-wall carpet cleaning service is finished with a fresh-water rinsing process, ensuring there’s no residue left behind. Their in-house upholstery and drapery-cleaning process utilizes a CFR water-based dry cleaning solution. This solution is highly effective and fabric-safe. Fantastic Carpet Services offers two types of bio-friendly cleaning solutions, ideal for fibers where wet-cleaning cannot be used.

Serving the Houston Area since 1979, Fantastic Carpet Services is a third-generation company that is committed to using greener, more environmentally-friendly methods. The “green clean” initiative embodies the business’s wishes to leave both your carpets and our planet as clean as possible.

Contact: Jim McGury

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